Fitness Fashion for the 1% [SLIDESHOW]


So say you’re lucky enough to be a 1%-er. Or maybe even a .5%-er. Either you work so hard for the big bucks that you don’t have time for fitness, or you lead a life of such leisure that you’re free to spend your mornings on the tennis court and afternoons with your $500/hour personal trainer. What ever do you wear? Turns out there are plenty of options for the price insensitive fitness fashion-ista.

While I may be poking fun at tennis dresses that cost (way) more than my priciest item of street clothing, make no mistake: there’s a real market for ultra-premium, luxury athletic apparel. According to the NPD Group, a market research firm, sales in the sector reached $35 billion last year, representing about 17% of the entire U.S. clothing market. That’s no joke.

But what is funny (at least to me) is trying to imagine spending $700 on a Fendi ski base layer featuring an abstract penguin design.

Here’s a quick peek at what your workout wardrobe might look like if your reality is a seven-figure bank account.


$420: Lucas Hugh "Nordica" Legging

At this price, let's hope these leggings sculpt your muscles for you while you sit on the couch. By the way: the FULL outfit pictured adds up to a cool $665.

$268: Mara Hoffman Bodysuit

Love your pricey Mara Hoffman bikini so much that you need to wear something similar to the gym? No problem - as long as you don't mind wearing a fancy onesie.

$495: Weargrace "Alchemy" Sleeveless Cardigan

When you go to your barre class, this cashmere and silk cardigan will get you through your warmup in style. Don't forget to pair it with the matching leggings - they're only another $210.

$345: Ultracor Tech Jersey Padded Vest

Looking for a slightly tougher street-style look? Get it with this $345 camo vest. Pair with the $220 ombre legging and $145 microfiber sports bra for the ultimate look.

$175 - Michi "Cristallo" Sweatpant

Because what you wear post workout is just as important.

$395 - Monreal London Stretch Jersey Tennis Dress

A sporty and stylish tennis dress for less than $400 -- it's a steal!

$369 - Monreal London "Victory" Tennis Dress

You can't just have ONE fancy tennis dress. Monreal has a whole line, so be prepared to stock up ...

$910 - Monreal London Leather-Trimmed Bag

When the standard gym bag just won't do.

$700 - Fendi Stretch Jersey Top

When your base layer needs to not only luxurious but also sport a cheeky winter design, look no further than Fendi's penguin base layer.

$2800 - Fendi Shearling-Trimmed Ski Jacket

Need a matching jacket for your penguin base layer? You've got it in this unique $2,800 "Creatures" ski jacket, complete with furry creature eyebrows for pockets.


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Chrissy Trampedach
Chrissy Trampedach is a PR & communications pro by day and fitness buff, skiing fanatic, dedicated yogi and wannabe tennis champ by night (and weekend). As a former competitive figure skater, she’s lived a life of training and sports from a young age. Today, she fuels her competitive spirit and drive to challenge her body and mind with USTA tennis, skiing adventures around the world, the SF yoga community and tracking the latest fitness trends. She lives in San Francisco with her husband Tim and their “75-lb lap dog” Enzo.

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