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I’m a total content junkie. Maybe it’s my PR background, but I’m one of those people who devours news and can’t resist clicking on snappy headlines that promise something interesting or useful. This is especially true of fitness and wellness content … I love reading about training techniques, new fitness trends and industry developments, fitness fashion and how staying fit can enhance your life.

There’s a lot of not-so-great content out there, and I’ve spent a fair amount of time filtering through it. Here are some of my favorite sources that have made the cut.

What are yours? Share them in the comments!


Well & Good started as a site covering the latest fitness trends in NYC. While it’s still a bit NY-centric, they’ve expanded their content quite a bit in the past several months to cover not only fitness, but also wellness, food and beauty.  I like checking in on their “Wellness Wire” and “Good Sweat” sections to catch the latest in fitness and wellness news.



This gorgeous blog from Equinox is as stylish and highly polished as you would expect from this aspirational brand of gyms. Remember the breathtaking (and somewhat controversial) video of a yogi doing incredible inversions in her underwear? Yeah, that was from Equinox. In addition to fitness, they cover “nutrition,” “regeneration” and “life.” This all may sound a bit much, but I find their articles are usually very smart and well-sourced by experts.


NYT and

The New York Times does a great job covering fitness trends in its Health section and on its “Well” blog. For example, in the past few weeks, I’ve read about ClassPass’ brewing challenges, a study about how much exercise one really needs to stay healthy, and a new type of yoga studio for overweight people (it’s actually called “Fat Yoga” — can you believe that?).



Although Refinery 29 is best known as a fashion blog, its Fitness section is chock-full of great content, from fitness tips and trends to (of course) the latest in fitness fashion.



While some of the content on MindBodyGreen is a little too hippy-dippy for me (a recent headline was actually “New Moon In Aries: 6 Ways To Maximize The Mojo Of The Ram” …. um, yeah), they do a great job with yoga and general wellness content. Recently, this article convinced me that I need to try rope wall yoga at my local studio.


VentureBeat / / /

Yup, I know theses aren’t fitness-focused sources, but this is where I go to keep up with what’s going on in the fit tech and fitness startup space. Whether it’s a review on wearables or new app, if it’s important news, one of these tech blogs will be covering it. Example: just today, Pando posted a two-hour video interview with the founders of Soul Cycle. Hey, it’s Saturday, we all have two hours to spare, right?


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Chrissy Trampedach
Chrissy Trampedach is a PR & communications pro by day and fitness buff, skiing fanatic, dedicated yogi and wannabe tennis champ by night (and weekend). As a former competitive figure skater, she’s lived a life of training and sports from a young age. Today, she fuels her competitive spirit and drive to challenge her body and mind with USTA tennis, skiing adventures around the world, the SF yoga community and tracking the latest fitness trends. She lives in San Francisco with her husband Tim and their “75-lb lap dog” Enzo.


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