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A few months ago I wrote about my go-to fitness and wellness websites, and I’m excited to share another one that I’ve added to my must-visit content destinations — Spright.com.

Launched just a few months ago and run by a San Francisco-based team (yay SF!) with editorial and fitness/wellness/nutrition backgrounds, Spright offers daily content in five categories: product guides, eating, exercising, living and deals.

Here’s what I’m liking about Spright:

Simple and Actionable Content

Unlike many other fitness & wellness sites, you won’t find click bait-y headlines, overblown claims or complicated advice on Spright. The content is specifically developed to be simple and actionable. In fact, the company was founded on this principle, according to their AngelList description:

The online health and fitness world is growing every day, and Spright is here to help people make sense of the complicated, confusing content, service, and app experience currently available. Spright is reinventing the antiquated diet industry with modern food plans, easy to understand information, and direct ways for users to take simple actions to improve their lives.

One little thing they do that I love is start each article with the top three takeaways. Not only does it bring back fond memories of my fifth-grade writing class, it makes for quick, easy and focused reading.

Community Building with #SPRIGHTLIFE

Living a healthy, active lifestyle is more rewarding, fun and actionable when you can share the experience with other like-minded people, and can learn from experts. Recently, Spright launched #SPRIGHTLIFE, a wellness community in which you can take classes on a variety of health topics from Spright’s network of experts. You can even gather a group of 10-15 friends and request a private group. October classes are full, but I just joined the waitlist for the “Eat Simple” class, led by Spright’s dietician and focused on clean eating.

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Non-Cultish Motivation

The fitness and wellness community has a tendency to be a little rah-rah/borderline cultish sometimes. Maybe it’s all the endorphins? I get sucked into it sometimes, but then I annoy myself and try to knock it off. Spright does a great job of keeping it real. The tone is positive and the content motivating, but it’s less about swearing by the latest celebrity tips, fitness fad or diet, and more about real-life, practical advice that anyone, at any fitness level, can follow. In a world of incessant, unrealistic fitspo bikini Instagrams, Spright’s point of view is refreshing.

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Chrissy Trampedach
Chrissy Trampedach is a PR & communications pro by day and fitness buff, skiing fanatic, dedicated yogi and wannabe tennis champ by night (and weekend). As a former competitive figure skater, she’s lived a life of training and sports from a young age. Today, she fuels her competitive spirit and drive to challenge her body and mind with USTA tennis, skiing adventures around the world, the SF yoga community and tracking the latest fitness trends. She lives in San Francisco with her husband Tim and their “75-lb lap dog” Enzo.


  1. Thanks for the post! This just made our day at Spright. We really appreciate all the kind words and are looking forward to having you in a November class.

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